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Rainbow sidewalks promote inclusivity

Chistening the new rainbow sidewalk adjacent to the Parsons Center at Central and Portland avenues are senior staff members from one•n•ten—one of the funding organizations of the crosswalk—including, from left: Kado Stewart, director of Programs; Travis Shumake, Development director; and Executive Director and North Central resident Nate Rhoton (submitted photo).

On July 9, the City of Phoenix joined the ranks of other leading cities in the United States and abroad that have recognized the vibrance and contributions of the local LGBTQ+ community by installing rainbow-painted crosswalks at two locations within the city. The Phoenix City Council approved the project in April.

In addition to being noteworthy elements of street art—and great spots for photo attracting tourists and photo opportunities—the crosswalks mark locations in town of direct significance to the Phoenix LGBTQ+ community and its history.

The first, located at 7th and Glenrosa avenues in the Melrose District, sits amid several of the most prominent and iconic LGBTQ+ establishments in the city, in the midst of an area that has become a noted gathering spot for the LGBTQ+ community.

The second runs across Central Avenue at Portland Avenue, adjacent to the Parsons Center, home of some of the Valley’s most active and engaged LGBTQ+ community organizations, including one•n•ten.

The initiative to create the Phoenix Rainbow Crosswalks was led by Phoenix Pride, with the support of many local organizations, merchants and neighborhood leaders. One hundred percent of the cost of installing and maintaining the crosswalks is being provided by private—not public—funding, made possible through a partnership between the Phoenix Pride Foundation and the one•n•ten Foundation.

Drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists are reminded to follow the same basic rules for crossing the street at these crosswalks. Pedestrians and bicyclists should look both ways, obey traffic signals and stay inside the crosswalk; and drivers should yield to pedestrians and bicyclists.

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