Fans of Dim Sum and craft cocktails can try several carry-out drinks and chef-designed dishes with online ordering from Bitter & Twisted Cocktail Parlour.

The restaurant at 1 W. Jefferson St. is open again for carry-out cocktails and Dim Sum from noon to 9 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays. You may order from an ever-changing menu of to-go versions of classic and seasonal B&T cocktails in cans designed to allow for maximum flavor, freshness and taste, coupled with vacuum-sealed garnishes. These cocktails also feature custom QR codes on their labels with detailed instructions on how to make cocktails at home.

Bitter & Twisted’s co-owner and chef Bob Tam has unveiled a new menu of handcrafted Dim Sum tailored for takeout orders, including potstickers, dumplings, rice bowls, the cheesy egg roll and Bao Royale, which has caramelized ground chuck, pickles, onions and Swiss and American cheeses. The new Dim Sum menu also has vegetarian choices including Pork “Siu Mai” Dumplings with plant-based Impossible “meat” and Veggie Garden potstickers. Some of the canned cocktails include a Flawless Gin Martini, the JT “Canhattan,” La Chocolate Sazerac and the “No Laws” Pina Colada.

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