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Stay indoors, recirculate air to avoid heat issues

While temperatures are sizzling in Phoenix, residents could be at risk of developing health complications because of increased air pollution.

The American Lung Association said there are many steps you can take to avoid lung irritation and other health problems. Poor air quality occurs because of an increase in ozone pollution, which comes about due to high temperatures combined with pollution from vehicle emissions, factories and other sources.

The lung association recommends you pay close attention to children, who are more susceptible to pollution as their lungs are still developing and they breathe in more air per pound of body mass than adults do. It suggests you limit the amount of time your children spend playing outside if the air quality is unhealthy.

The organization suggests you roll up your vehicle windows on days when air quality is bad and keep your vents closed. Only run your air conditioning on the “recirculate” setting in your vehicle.

People who have lung disease or heart conditions should stay indoors on poor air quality days as much as possible. They should keep their doors, windows and fireplace dampers closed and preferably with clean air circulating through air cleaners and air conditioners, according to the American Lung Association.

On days when the ozone pollution is high, active children and adults and anyone living with lung disease should decrease prolonged exercise outdoors.

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