RESET Mind and Body is a newly opened wellness center in central Phoenix specializing in muscle recovery. Equipped with a wide range of therapy modalities, RESET features Hyperice Normatec Compression Sleeves, Jacuzzi infrared saunas and hot tub, cold tub, Theraguns, and red-light therapy.

During one-hour sessions guests have access to these therapies and can utilize them as they need and with the diverse selection of modalities RESET offers, there is something to meet everybody’s needs.

After a RESET session guests leave feeling renewed, refreshed, and recovered, shared founder and owner of RESET, Timothy Pacatte.

“I started doing cold plunge and these other therapies about a year ago. There are days when I’m stressed and have a lot going on in my head and doing these practices has helped get me into a better mindset. I take time to unplug from the world, disconnect and be present, drop into the cold tub and focus on my breathing and just be still.

“My body was recovering faster, I lost weight, my mind felt clearer. I left these recovery sessions feeling like I had gone through a total reset and I wanted to be able to share that with people. That’s how this passion project begun, that’s how RESET started. I wanted to share with others what I’ve been experiencing.”

Reset Mind & Body is located at 6202 N. 7th St., Phoenix. For additional information, call 480-567-9781 or visit


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