Are you a crafter looking for ways you can support Arizona Humane Society’s homeless animals? Creating a few kitty cozies may just be the perfect project for you.

Shelter cats often get stressed out quickly in a new environment. But if they are provided with an item that smells like them and follows them everywhere, they become more comfortable until they find their forever homes.

AHS is looking for individuals who would be willing to purchase materials and create kitty cozies to donate to its feline friends. Kitty cozies are small, hand-knotted fleece blankets that are given to the cats as soon as they enter the shelter and then remain with them throughout their stay. The cozies will even go home with the cats once they are adopted.

For more information about kitty cozies and how you can help, contact Mel Brewer at 602-997-7586, ext. 2045 or e-mail


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