The Arbor Day Foundation has a book that helps people identify trees with a simple, step-by-step process. The book, “What Tree Is That?” is available for a $5 donation to the nonprofit tree-planting organization.

“What Tree Is That?” is a fun, easy-to-use tree identification guide that features hand-drawn botanical illustrations highlighting the distinct characteristics of many tree species. Nature lovers and professional arborists alike have called this pocket field guide a must-have, user-friendly resource.

The Arbor Day Foundation offers this book to help people identify trees in Arizona and throughout the Western region of the United States. It uses a unique step-by-step approach for identifying the species of each tree, explaining what to look for in the shape of the leaves, differences in the leaf stems and twig structures and specific characteristics of fruits, flowers, buds and bark.

“The Arbor Day Foundation strives to help people enjoy and appreciate trees, and we feel our pocket field guide will do just that,” said John Rosenow, founder and chief executive of the Arbor Day Foundation.

“What Tree is That?” also is available as an online interactive version at To obtain a tree identification guide, send your name, address and $5, for each guide to What Tree Is That?, Arbor Day Foundation, 100 Arbor Ave., Nebraska City, NE 68410. You also can order the book online.


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