Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) has added interactive features to its innovative mapping tool with the hope of helping more lost animals find their way home.

Launched in 2012, MCACC’s mapping tool was one of the first of its kind among US animal control agencies. Members of the public can simply visit and search for their pets in a variety of ways. Circles for dogs and triangles for cats show the approximate location where stray animals have been found and brought to MCACC shelters.

Continuing to develop the tool, MCACC has added new features making the mapping tool more interactive. The new features allow the public to add lost and found animals of their own onto the map.

“We understand that sometimes people or families who find a lost pet do not want to bring it into the shelter environment,” Animal Control Lieutenant John Reynolds said. “This new tool will allow people to keep a found animal in their home, while still notifying us and the public of its whereabouts to help reunite the pet with its family.”

MCACC is confident that the following new features will continue to help reunite pet owners with their lost animals quickly through the use of technology.



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