The holiday season may be over but Maricopa County Animal Care & Control (MCACC) is asking the community to keep the holiday spirit alive by “pawing it forward” and performing acts of kindness for animals in MCACC shelters through their new Paw It Forward program.

While acts of kindness are always encouraged and appreciated, the program is an initiative to inspire this type of kindness from people all over the Valley. Paw it Forward will highlight and emphasize the acts through a Facebook Event on MCACC’s Facebook page that will contain photos, videos and information posted by people who have either “pawed it forward” or been affected by an act of kindness performed by someone else.

Those who “paw it forward” are encouraged to document and post their experience on the Event Page, which will in turn inspire others to join in on the giving. The Event can be found on the MCACC Facebook page:

Some suggestions of ways to “paw it forward” include:

  • Sponsor the adoption fee of a pet or pets: a win-win because a member of the public gains a new companion and a shelter pet gains a new home.
  • Donate needed supplies: MCACC is always in need of things such as: food, beds, blankets etc.
  • Become a volunteer: Volunteers are essential to day-to-day life at MCACC. The time they spend with the animals is beneficial to their behavioral health. To become a volunteer, complete a volunteer application online at
  • Foster or take a pet on a day foster outing: Taking a pet out of the shelter environment and providing them with love and attention can make all the difference in preparing them for adoption.

For more information about donations or volunteering, visit and click on “How You Can Help.”

To sponsor a shelter dog, visit to see the animals available for adoption. Just include the ID number (it starts with an A) of the animal you wish to sponsor and let MCACC know your donation is to sponsor that dog.

The shelter’s long-time and elderly residents’ adoption fees are usually just $20.



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