Enjoy a more robust respiration with a Better Breathing Community Class, led by Isabelle Barter, 4-5:30 p.m. Saturday Dec. 10 at Kinesphere Center for Movement Education.

Improve your breathing habits, liberate your breathing muscles, and reset your nervous system from the inside out. You will un-bind the muscles of respiration and reboot your breathing strategies through a combination of therapy ball rolling, mobility exercises, and pranayama. Cost is $10.

Learn about common ailments and issues of the female pelvic floor and simple exercises to restore your pelvic floor to health during the Women’s Pelvic Health Seminar, Saturday, Jan. 28. Time is TBD.

Whether you experience discomfort, pain, fear, or all three, the instructors will provide you with information and strategies to help you. Join a supportive group of women as you regain control over your pelvic health. All ages are welcome. Call for cost and to RSVP.

Kinesphere Center for Movement Education is located at 711 E. Missouri Ave., Suite 180. Call 602-532-3111 or e-mail info@kinesphere-studio.com for more information.



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