A recent article in Prevention Magazine focused on “nourishing” your body through movement.

Kinesphere Center for Movement Education offers Restorative Exercise classes (and private lessons) featuring the correctives mentioned in this article. If you are exhausted and sore, tired of having to fit “exercise” into your day, and ready to move a new way, give Kinesphere a call and say “Prevention” to unlock the August special: 10 Restorative Exercise classes for $100 (a 50 percent savings).

Restorative Exercise is based on laws of physiology, anatomy, physics, and engineering. The goal in this class is to restore optimal alignment and help your body achieve optimal health. What makes this program unique is the fact that it has a clear distinction between posture and alignment. Posture is what our body looks like and is biased by culture (as well as many movement disciplines such as military, sports, and dance); alignment is how our body is working.

Kinesphere Center for Movement Education is located at 711 E. Missouri Ave., Suite 180. Call 602-532-3111 or e-mail info@kinesphere-studio.com for more information.


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