Jim Kiefelds, owner of Diamond Jim’s Jewelry, a full-service jewelry store in central Phoenix, will travel to Antwerp, Belgium this month to select diamonds for local customers. He invites Phoenix residents who are interested in placing an advance order for a specific type of diamond to join the store’s Preferred Customers list. Kiefelds will act as the buyer’s liaison while in Antwerp, allowing customers to purchase a diamond the way a dealer does—directly from the cutters.

Antwerp is renowned for some of the world’s most skilled diamond cutters. The diamond district, also known as the “Square Mile,” sees over $54 billion in turnover annually. It is the world’s largest and most prolific diamond-making center; more than 70 percent of the world’s supply of diamonds is cut there.

Diamond dealers such as Kiefelds undergo a rigorous, seven-year certification, education, and referral process before being licensed to purchase in Antwerp’s diamond district.

Stop by Diamond Jim’s, 6005 N. 16th St., to speak to one of the associates about joining the Preferred Customers list. For more information, call 602-466-1772.



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