With the future of healthcare in flux and AFLAC only working with groups and businesses, many people are left with few options for catastrophic supplemental insurance. Statistics show that cancer affects 1 out of every 2 men and 1 out of every 3 women. In addition, every 34 seconds someone has a heart attack, and 90 percent of injuries happen off the job.

In the meantime, healthcare costs continue to rise while benefits are falling. Individuals and families are left trying to find something that will provide a safety net in the event of a healthcare crisis.

Ramona Benjamin of Family Heritage, located at 16th Street and Missouri Avenue in North Central Phoenix, says the company’s supplemental insurance products are designed to keep people financially on track when battling serious medical illness and accidents. Money is deposited directly into a client’s bank account to help pay bills, buy groceries or cover any financial need, whereas health insurance pays doctors and hospitals instead of the patient.

Family Heritage provides supplemental health insurance products that protect families against the financial devastation of cancer, catastrophic illness, serious accidents and accidental death. “Our products fill a void not currently met by the traditional health care industry,” Benjamin pointed out.

Family Heritage offers a variety of applications with customized premiums that fit any budget, making the supplemental insurance affordable for any individual or family.

For more information, call Ramona Benjamin at 810-397-4089, or e-mail Ramona@CarteBlancheConsulting.com.



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