Galina Itahov, certified health and life coach, has launched her business in Phoenix. “Galina Itahov: Your Wellness Guide” is the place to turn when you want to upscale your well-being. Itahov helps women with different health conditions, be it the need to lose weight, manage blood sugar, or improve heart health. She also guides her clients through different life situations, such as financial, career, and/or relationship challenges.

“Coaches do not give advice, teach or preach; it is different from counseling professions,” Itahov explains. “The personal coaching method consists of different tools and techniques that help clients access their personal wisdom and resources. A client can find peace with herself, change her habits and move toward her goal, one little step at a time.”

Even though Itahov is skilled in many areas of Health and Life Coaching, her passion is to help young moms. Her most successful program is a 12-week course, “Fabulous Mom: Get Your Body and Time Back Without Sacrificing Your Family.”

For more information, contact Galina Itahov at 602-288-8339, or at to book a free Discovery Session.




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