A North Central Phoenix nurse is in the spotlight for her work helping patients and their families at Phoenix Children’s.

Casey Kinney, registered nurse and certified pediatric nurse, received the “Staff Nurse of the Year” award as part of the 16th annual Nursing Excellence Awards. It is a distinction given to a nurse who exemplifies Phoenix Children’s values and performs far above the standards to achieve the organization’s mission of offering hope, healing and the best possible healthcare for children and their families. Kinney’s supervisors and colleagues in the award submission said she has a “consistent, positive, friendly, bubbly energy” and is one of the most knowledgeable nurses on the unit, who is “always willing to learn and teach.”

Kinney picks up extra shifts to help with staffing needs and has been the active Unit Based Counsel president for the last year. She has led training with new employees and teamed up with the nursing team and physicians on a quality improvement initiative that emphasizes patient/family-centered care.

Kinney came to Phoenix Children’s in 2015 as a new graduate nurse and started working on the GI/Endocrine/ Infectious Disease floor, where she discovered her passion for diabetes education. She said she has been lucky to teach new diabetics and care for them in a new capacity as she recently transitioned to the Endocrinology Clinic to work as a diabetes educator.