If you had to take leave from work because of the Coronavirus, there is a way to find economic relief.

Jonathan Frutkin, principal at Radix Law, said the first thing workers should do if they have the virus is talk to their employers. There are state and federal paid sick leave programs that may help.

At the federal level, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act was enacted to offer paid leave to employees that do not have paid leave and extend paid leave for workers who only received a few days of paid leave. The new federal program also covers you if you have to stay home due to your children’s schools being canceled.

Arizona law provides for up to 40 hours of paid sick leave for state employees. However, the new federal law protects workers also for a period of two to 12 additional weeks.

Some employers are asking their employees to work from home. The fact that there is a virus does not entitle individuals to receive sick pay under either state or federal law but the laws do protect employees who actually get sick or must take care of someone in their home. There is no tax deduction available for missing work because of the virus. But this is subject to change depending on whether and how Congress acts to stimulate the economy.

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