With whole families at home now because of the COVID-19, SRP recommends customers try to get into energy and money-savings habits.

SRP serves more than 2,000 commercial customers and more than 52,000 residential customers in North Central Phoenix, according to Kathleen Mascareñas, media relations representative for SRP. Mascareñas recommends you quickly grab what you need in your refrigerator, rather than standing and staring into it a while.

She also recommends you buy LED lightbulbs as they can save you up to $135 over your lifetime. SRP provides instant rebates on several types of LED lightbulbs at participating Valley stores and online at SRP Marketplace at srpmarketplace.com.

Mascareñas also suggests you use a programmable thermostat to save about $180 a year. Do not bake or use your oven on hot summer afternoons because that will make your air conditioner work harder. Turn off lights and ceiling fans when you leave a room and change your air filters once a month.

SRP wants to help customers as we all face uncertainty during the COVID-19. It will not turn a customers’ power off for non-payment due to the crisis and it is waiving all late fees, Mascareñas said. If you are having trouble paying your electric bill for any reason, contact SRP 24/7 at 602-236-8888.