Poison centers in Phoenix and around the country are warning about the increase in exposures to potentially hazardous cleaning products, chemicals and medications.

Maureen Roland, Banner Poison and Drug Information Center managing director, urged everyone to “be alert about the location of all medications, chemicals and cleaning products” at home, especially during this Coronavirus pandemic. She said, as of April 17, the Banner center had seen a 50-percent increase in accidental exposures to these items in the past month.

Children are at home more since schools are closed and people are using cleaners more often than before the COVID-19, creating a potentially dangerous combination, said Steve Dudley, managing director of the Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center. Most of the exposures were of children but adults have been victims, too.

The poison centers also are warning people against trying novel or unproven treatments for COVID-19. No proven medications or vaccines have been found to treat the Coronavirus, as of press time. Experts warn people not to use any medication without a physician’s instruction and prescription.

If you or a loved one might have been exposed to poison, medication or chemicals, call the poison center right away at 1-800-222-1222. To learn more about the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, visit www.bannerhealth.com/services/poison-drug-information.