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Library offers reading game, online classes

Summer is in full swing but you may keep your children and teens learning and entertained with Phoenix Public Library programs.

Encourage your children to engage in games to boost their desire to read over the summer through Aug. 1 via the Phoenix Public Library Summer Reading Game. Adults also can participate in the free program. Participants will receive a free, gently used book just for signing up for it.

There is a pre-reader game board for youths from birth to age 4 and their caregivers. For every activity the children complete, they color one brick on a picture of a castle. For example, kids have to read a book, sing a song, draw a picture, talk about feelings or tell a story together, in order to color a brick on the page. Youths who complete 20 bricks receive a new book to keep.

Older children and adults also are encouraged to read to receive books and can enter a contest to win other prizes. Experts say it is important for children to read over the summer because otherwise they will lose their literacy skills when school resumes in the fall.

To sign up and access the summer reading game, visit

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