A North Central IT company is showing its heart during this time when the COVID-19 pandemic is causing financial struggles.

Adopt Technologies, which is located at 7500 N. Dreamy Drive, is asking its clients and the public to contribute to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, which has seen a big increase in demand due to the Coronavirus crisis. The company started a fundraising campaign to support the rescue mission, seeding it with a $10,000 contribution. Adopt Technologies’ goal is to generate a fund of $50,000 in corporate donations.

Those who donate to the Phoenix Rescue Mission will be recognized on a web page, as well as at any other event promotions or honors. Adopt Technologies also hopes to bring in enough individual donations to completely match the pool of corporate donations. The goal is to generate $100,000 for Phoenix Rescue Mission.

Food insecurity in Arizona is 12.4 percent, higher than the national percentage of 11.1, as of press time, according to Adopt Technologies.

To learn more, visit adopttechnologies.com. To make a donation to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, visit adopttechnologies.com/adopt-gives-back.