A North Central organization is making it easy for senior citizens to learn about new topics wile interacting with others.

ALLE Learning, which is based at 7000 N. 16th St., offers lifelong learning classes that are delivered on-site or on campuses where seniors live or visit. Lifelong learning is the process of obtaining knowledge and learning new things.

Recently residents at a senior living community in Arizona finished a three-part class on the Works Progress Administration, which is a program that was developed during the Great Depression to create public works projects that gave jobs to millions of unemployed people. Another class explores the 19th century movement of explorers, settlers and pioneers into the American West that started with the Louisiana Purchase.

Evidence-based research reveals the importance of people engaging every day in mental, spiritual and physical activities, according to ALLE Learning. To learn more, visit https://alle-learning.com or call 800-990-9806.