Christopher J. (left) and Christopher J.H. Barbara are bringing their sparkle and their elegant desserts and charcuterie to a North Central storefront this fall. The duo will open Dos Chris’ Bakery & Charcuterie 16th Street and Bethany Home on Oct. 1 (submitted photo).

Founded in February 2021 and inspired by the founders’ love of sparkling holiday entertaining at home, the two Christophers behind Dos Chris’ Bakery & Charcuterie Co. are nearing ever closer to opening their first brick and mortar location — a dream collaboration that feels like it was meant to be.

“Chris and I were, gosh, going married on two years, but we’ve been together for five, and when you realize that you have the same first middle and last initials, I guess that’s the universe…I think that you’re meant to be,” said Christopher J.H. Barbara.

Christopher J.H.’s family has lived in the North Central area since 1949, and he grew up not too far from the new storefront at 16th Street and Bethany Home Road. Christopher J. Barbara grew up in Tucson around his family’s restaurant businesses. Both share a passion for entrepreneurship and had been mulling the idea for a joint venture when it struck them that they had been honing their concept for years.

“Right around Christmas of 2020, Chris and I realized, oh, wait, why don’t we do what we do best?” said Christopher J.H. “Every year we host what’s called our annual bottles and boards party. We create our charcuterie spread on our kitchen island and then on our dining table, we do a dessert spread and we ask all of our wonderful friends, family, neighbors to bring a bottle or two of wine to share. We open up the doors to the house and the outside and fireplace going, and everyone just mingles and has an enjoyable time. So, we’re like, ‘Why don’t we combine bakery and charcuterie?’”

They went for it and founded the company in 2021 and have grown the business to the point where they can open a storefront.

The style behind “The Dos,” as they are affectionately calling it, will match their love of everything mid-century modern. It will be very “Mad Men” style and an ode to the ‘50s.

“We are super excited to be in the neighborhood and to introduce our company into this community,” said Christopher J. “We’ll be more of a reversed bakery, opening up at 2 p.m. and closing anywhere from 8-10 p.m. Possibly on the weekend, 11 p.m., just depending on how the demand is and how the community responds to it. We want to have a different take on a bakery and then also have our charcuterie background, being more geared towards nighttime, lunchtime type kind of enjoyment.”

He added that the concept is a “grab-and-go” bakery where customers can stop in, pick out what they want from the display case and head out. They will feature gourmet cookies, scrumptious baked goods and custom cupcakes, along with premade charcuterie boards, including their popular “charsweeterie” dessert boards. The space is small, but they are planning for a small “waiting bar,” where customers can grab a cup of local coffee or vintage soda, or a fresh bruschetta bite, while special orders are filled.

The duo wants their new space to not only be a go-to neighborhood shop, but also a safe, judgement-free and inclusive space for the community; a place where their company motto, “Leave a little sparkle wherever you go,” will be on display along with their baked goods.

“And ‘sparkle’ means kindness,” said Christopher J.H. “Chris and I fundamentally believe, the root of our business acumen is kindness.”

Dos Chris’ Bakery & Charcuterie Co. hopes to celebrate its grand opening at 6007 N. 16th St. Oct. 1. In the meantime, customers can still fulfill their bakery and charcuterie needs through the company’s online store and catering service. Call 602-837-8899 or visit Follow them on Facebook or Instagram for updates.


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