Artplay is packing is bags of therapeutic toys, tools, clothing and more and moving to a larger space in Camelot Square, 1130 E. Missouri Ave., Suite 350. The new facility and store is set to open on Dec. 1.

Artplay is more than just a retail store of youth therapy products. Liz Tomko founded Artplay in 2010 to provide parents with help for children who are struggling with emotional issues. She holds a master’s degree in Counseling with a specialty in Expressive Arts Therapy from Ottawa University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Texas Tech University. Her company became so successful that she decided to open the Artplay brick-and-mortar store in March 2012.

Artplay sessions help children learn about their emotions by allowing them to explore freely through art and play. Themes include, but are not limited to, anxiety, sadness, anger and fear. Artplay uses art-making as a powerful but gentle process to helps children who have a hard time expressing their feelings verbally. The program can include sensory play, movement, art, music and writing.

Tomko also sells therapeutic products that can be used at home, such as paddle balls, modeling clay, and Kimochis—stuffed animals that come with “mood” pods.

With the larger space at Camelot Square comes new opportunities. Tomko has teamed with Emmy Fansler to offer special dance therapy classes in the new “Flutter Room.” Fansler’s students gain not only body awareness and technique, but also life skills to be positive, creative, and empathetic relationship-builders, communicators, and artists.

Classes begin in December, including dance, parenting classes, sensory groups and more. For more information, call 602-329-1347 or visit


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