Credit Union West recently introduced MoneyIsland, an educational and entertaining online world that helps “tweens” ages eight to 14 in three key financial areas: saving and spending, earning and investing and using credit wisely.

Kids go on quests to exotic destinations while becoming financial gurus along the way. Meanwhile, parents and teachers have access to an administrator tool where they can track progress and assist in the learning experience. Rewards are built into the game and to help youngsters stay motivated.

“MoneyIsland is free to our young members as well as local schools and youth programs,” says Robert MacGregor, CEO of Credit Union West. “Offering MoneyIsland helps parents and teachers address an important challenge for the children of our community and instill lifelong financial literacy lessons.”

There are lesson plans for every level of the learning experience, along with ongoing educational resources for teachers and parents. Created by master teachers to align with national standards, these lesson plans employ a hands-on approach that works in tandem with the online experience.

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