The Maricopa Community Colleges (MCC) Governing Board at its May 27 meeting was expected to vote to raise property taxes within the limit permitted in the state constitution and statute (A.R.S §15-1461.01).

The district is the state’s single-largest provider of higher education and job training. It also is the largest transfer partner with Arizona State University.

About 60 percent of the district’s operational budget is generated by property taxes. This increase will result in taxes of $128.24 on a $100,000 home as compared to $125.73 per year if the district did not maximize its levy, a difference of $2.51. The proposed 2-percent increase would produce an estimated $8,413,469 in revenues.

District officials say the additional revenues are needed to support a projected student enrollment of more than 260,000 at the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges and two skill centers. Priority needs include updating and/or replacing district-wide student information, accounting and budgeting systems, address employee benefits and compensation and continue planned student services improvement projects.

The district has committed to increase the number of students completing associate degrees, certificates and/or successful transfer to one of Arizona’s public or private universities by 50 percent by 2020. With the tax increase, the district anticipates spending a portion of the additional proceeds on initiatives designed to help students stay in college and be more successful.

The tax increase would take effect on July 1.


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