In an effort to stem widespread confusion about changes in health care coverage, Phoenix Children’s Hospital has introduced Family Financial Services, a team within the hospital dedicated to helping parents understand their health care coverage options. The hospital created the team in response to rapid changes in insurance coverage that are often overlooked or misunderstood by parents.

Family Financial Services coordinates with parents and the hospital care team to ensure that families have a full understanding of what services are covered under their health care plan, in addition to providing guidance on options for obtaining coverage.

The team can help with many aspects of health care coverage. If a family already has a plan, Phoenix Children’s can help them interpret the coverage. But they’re also certified to help with obtaining coverage via the Health Insurance Marketplace, as needed. Enrollment in the marketplace is set to re-open on Nov. 15.

Each member of the Family Financial Services team is a certified application counselor for the Health Insurance Marketplace. They are able to aid families in the complicated process of researching health care coverage on the marketplace and can demystify coverage, whether it comes from the marketplace, an employer, or the government. This is increasingly important as “narrow network” products become more common.

Many insurance products are now defined as “narrow networks,” which means that they provide a limited choice of providers. Narrow network plans are often attractive for their lower premiums. However, they may ultimately increase the total cost of care if you or your child needs to see a specialist that is not included in the health plan’s network or if your child is hospitalized and the only place they can get the care they need is not in the network.

Some insurance products do not cover any charges if the provider is out-of-network, meaning you’ll be responsible for all charges.

Parents of children with health care needs who are interested in learning more can contact Phoenix Children’s Hospital at 602-933-2000 or


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