Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust announced a $4.75 million grant to expand and enhance technology in the classrooms at six Catholic high schools. Piper Trust has been committed to supporting Catholic education, which Virginia Galvin Piper initiated during her lifetime.

Through the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix, the six high schools that will benefit from the $4.75 million grant are Bourgade Catholic High School, Brophy College Preparatory, Notre Dame Preparatory High School, Saint Mary’s Catholic High School, Seton Catholic Preparatory, and Xavier College Preparatory.

The proliferation of social media and technology has changed the way students learn, forcing educators to rethink approaches to teaching. In this digital age, tools like open online courses and handheld tablets expand schools’ capability to give each student a personalized learning experience. Catholic high schools, and a growing number of educational institutions, continue to emphasize the great promise that technology-based student learning holds for improving student achievement.


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