Dr. Mark Espinoza of Central Dental Care has received his Master Affiliate Level Certification from Fastbraces Technology. Fastbraces is an advanced braces and tooth-straightening technology that produces final results in about three to 12 months, versus up to two years or more for traditional braces. The patented system works to realign both the root and crown of the tooth simultaneously.

The Master Affiliate Level Certification means that Espinoza has completed the required number of Fastbraces cases to be considered an expert in the this technology.

Central Dental Care has been utilizing Fastbraces Technology for more than three years. Each finished procedure requires the client to fill out a Treatment Evaluation, along with contact information, that is then submitted to the Fastbraces Technology Headquarters. The Treatment Evaluation consists of 20 questions, about quality and value of care, that the patient answers. Only after the required number of these Treatment Evaluations are received, indicating “100% Satisfaction” rating, does the dentist receive the Fastbraces Master Affiliate Level Certification.

Espinoza says, “This teeth-straightening, technology is especially fulfilling for me because I can enjoy the new smiles on my clients’ faces after the treatment is finished. Fastbraces are easier to install, produce much quicker results, with less discomfort and for less money than traditional braces.”

Central Dental Care is located at 9315 N. Central Ave. For more information, call 602-943-7297 or visit http://centraldentalcare.com.


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