Sunnyslope resident Deborah Tosline loves hiking in the North Mountain Preserves. But she knows better than most how damaging Phoenix’s climate can be on exposed skin.

Tosline recently published “Skin Remodeling DIY: An Introduction to the Underground World of Do-It-Yourself Skin Care” ($14.49, summarizing little-known skin care practices that are supported by science and are popular with Internet skincare enthusiasts. “Skin Remodeling DIY” navigates the reader through new trends in skincare including use of DIY cosmetic dermatology and anti-aging cosmeceutical ingredients that make noticeable improvements in skin quality.

Tosline explains her book describes and illustrates techniques that can effectively remodel the structure of the skin to improve the skin’s appearance. These techniques can refine pores, reduce puffiness, minimize fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, increase collagen, smooth the skin surface and promote glowing skin. The book includes scientific references, internet resources for skin care forums, tools and ingredients; recipes for serums that combat hyperpigmentation and free radicals; and lifestyle recommendations that support healthy skin.

Tosline has Bachelor of Science degrees in geology and ecology; her approach to skincare is based on that scientific background and a love of research. She has studied and practiced DIY skincare for three decades integrating skin remodeling into a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

The book also is available in Kindle, Nook and iTunes formats. For more information, visit




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