Maccabees Krav Maga, an International Krav Maga Federation School, recently opened in North Central Phoenix at 7828 N. 19th Ave., Ste. 11.

At Maccabees Krav Maga, you get the best training characterized by protection and appropriate response level. Learning it gives you a sense of awareness, preparedness, and mental fortitude. Based on real-life situations, it is effective, easy to learn, and makes sense. You will develop strength, confidence, and peace of mind through self-defense training.

Kids classes, a unique program in the world of Krav Maga, also are offered for ages 5 and older. Children will learn how to keep themselves safe from bullies, kidnappers, and other threats they may face.

Instructor Steven Comas is a Bronx native who began training in martial arts to better deal with his environment as a teen. Throughout his youth, he has had the opportunity to study various styles from wrestling, Kung-Fu (tiger style), American Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing. It wasn’t until his adult years that he began researching about Krav Maga and became enamored with its concept and principles.

Comas has been training for more than four years with the IKMF and has earned the rank of Graduate Level 1, making him an IKMF Certified Civilian Instructor. In all, he has six years of training experience.

Through Maccabees Krav Maga, Comas passes his knowledge and self-awareness to his students so if they are ever so unfortunate to encounter a violent or threatening situation, they can respond appropriately.

For more information, call 347-766-KRAV or visit




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