These two bonded kitties found themselves without a home after their owners moved and couldn’t take the duo with them. They are now looking for a together-forever home (submitted photo).

Panda and Sweet Bee are two lifelong friends, but when their owner had to move, the two found themselves sharing a kennel at the Arizona Humane Society. Never apart, the two enjoy the simple things—basking in patches of sunshine near windows, bug hunting, chin rubs, and taking long naps together.

When you rattle the bag of Temptation cat treats, the two come racing down the hall like kittens. They even do tricks for treats. The 5- and 3-year-old pals enjoy playing with various toys and an occasional catnip dusting but for the most part, they are low-key and mellow house cats. They are even good with other pets and kids.

They are a package deal and you can adopt them both for just $40 at the Arizona Humane Society, located at 9226 N. 13th Ave. Their adoption fee includes vaccinations and microchips. For more information call 602-997-7585 and ask for animal numbers A564726 and A564725.

Panda and Sweet Bea may have been adopted by the time you visit the shelter, but there are hundreds of other pets just like these two who are in need of a loving home. See them all by visiting


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