Gentle Journey is a team of expert veterinarians who offer a new service to Phoenix pet owners—training and assistance with in-home pet hospice care. With guidance and support from the Gentle Journey vets, pet owners can honor their human-animal bond by learning to competently and compassionately care for their ailing pet at home.

Most pets do not show outward signs that they are in pain, and many owners don’t realize their pet is suffering. Gentle Journey’s hospice assessments can help protect pets from prolonged, unnoticed suffering by assessing the pet’s pain and educating clients on what to look for.

Gentle Journey founder, Dr. Christina Nutter, was the first veterinarian in Arizona to specialize and dedicate her services to pet home hospice care and euthanasia. Gentle Journey’s objective for pet hospice care is to help create a peaceful, memorable experience for pet-owners and their animal companions facing a terminal illness. Then, when your pet is ready to pass on, in-home euthanasia services are available, as well as off-site cremation services.

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