There’s still time to get your vegetable garden growing, as early May is a good time to plant some warmer-weather edibles, according to the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension’s Maricopa County Garden Planting Calendar.

Transplants of Jerusalem artichokes, sweet potatoes, and basil should go in your garden no later than May 15. You also can start with seeds for yardlong beans, blackeyed peas, Armenian cucumbers, cantaloupe and okra.

If you want to take advantage of free seeds, check them out—literally—at the Phoenix Public Library’s Acacia and Park Central branches. The Seed Library is free with your Phoenix Public Library card. “Check out” up to three seed packets at a time (limit three per 3-week period).

As for flowers, the spring blooming season is coming to an end as the temperatures begin to increase. Many spring-blooming annual wildflowers have expired and gone to seed. You can collect the seed and store in paper bags until fall or allow plants to reseed in the landscape. Rake up the departed annuals or cut back rather than pulling from the ground so as not disturb the soil and allow the remaining root system to decompose.


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