A new collaborative service has been added to the Artplay line-up of helpers: a homeopathic doctor, Carla Briante, NMD. Briante will help create homeopathic remedies for kids, run labs for food allergies, give acupressure treatments, as well as tending to women’s health for moms.

“Artplay does not diagnose children and of equal importance we do not want kids to be chemically medicated,” explains Artplay Founder Elizabeth Tomko. “But sometimes a child needs a medication to help lower his or her anxiety, and we believe that should be a natural remedy. So, we are bringing on a naturopath in order to help kids be more healthy in body and mind.”

Artplay, located at 1130 E. Missouri Ave., was founded because all children deal with emotional issues and need help deciphering their feelings so they can manage them more easily. For more information on the cadre of services offered at Artplay, call 602-329-1347, or visit www.artplayhealing.com.


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