The city of Phoenix Public Works Department has formed a partnership with Renew Phoenix that aims to turn plastics destined for the landfill into fuel.

This repurposing of what’s known as “Plastics 3-7,” or low-value plastics, is the latest venture in the city’s “Reimagine Phoenix” initiative to increase its diversion rate to 40 percent by the end of 2020. The goal is to reach zero waste by 2050.

The plan is for Renew Phoenix to work with the city to build a facility to process the materials on the city’s Resource Innovation Campus.

This involves a proprietary chemical recycling process to reverse the plastic back into its basic molecular structure, which will allow them to convert the plastic waste into fuel. Renew Phoenix will bring as many as 15 full-time jobs to the Valley after investing more than $5 million dollars in the project.

Once at full production, the project is expected to divert 10 tons per day of mixed plastic waste, which is equal to 60 barrels of liquid fuel.


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