There are many causes of dizziness, including BPPV, a condition where dizziness is generated by mal-positioned inner ear crystals. But what if it is something else?

One of the most common causes of dizziness is loss of vestibular function, according to Dr. Dana Day, Au.D., of Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids. Day explains that all people have two organs of balance, which are known as the “vestibular” system, located inside the head on the right and left sides. Dysfunction in this system causes dizziness and imbalance and can be triggered by many things, such as a viral infection.

Common symptoms of vestibular loss including dizziness with quick head movements; turning quickly or with activities requiring bending up and down repetitively; dizziness in busy environments such as the grocery store; and imbalance. The best way to determine the cause, if not related to an underlying illness, is to visit an audiologist.

Learn more about testing methods and therapies for dizziness at a free program, “Unraveling the Mystery Behind Aging, Vertigo & Dizziness,” set for 10 a.m.-12 p.m. Tuesday, June 18, and again on Thursday, June 20, both in the Family Life Center at North Phoenix Baptist Church, 5757 N. Central Ave. The program will be presented by Day and Dr. Camille Lambert, DPT of Arizona Balance and Hearing Aids. The program is free, but an RSVP requested. To register, call 602-551-8404.