Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich is warning residents to watch out for COVID-19 test result scams.

He said testing providers and patients have reported a possible imposter scam, where fraudsters might call consumers claiming that they have obtained their COVID-19 test results. These scammers are trying to acquire patients’ personal information or to trick them into paying money.

Brnovich said if anyone calls asking for personal information including a Social Security number or Medicare account information, those are red flags that it might be fraud. A COVID-19 testing center will not ask for Social Security numbers, banking information or other personal details. Brnovich said typically billing for Coronavirus lab tests is handled through the patient’s health insurance or the Arizona Department of Health Services, at no cost to the patient. Before making any payments, contact your doctor and insurance provider to confirm that they are requesting them. You can report questionable COVID-19 testing billing requests to the Arizona Department of Insurance and the Arizona Department of Health Services.

While some testing providers might offer to provide test results over the phone or through text, if requested, patients might prefer to obtain results directly from their doctor or via online patient accounts that the lab hosts. Do not provide any information over the phone if requested.

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