A new animal shelter and veterinary clinic is providing temporary boarding for dogs and cats when other organizations’ space and resources for furry friends are limited.

Heidi’s Village, an animal welfare organization, has opened at 600 N. 40th St. It is an animal shelter and veterinary clinic that partners with other organizations (submitted photo).

Heidi’s Village, an animal welfare organization, recently opened on a five-acre property at 600 N. 40th St. It partners with animal shelters and rescue organizations to offer temporary boarding for dogs and cats. Heidi’s Village’s mission is to cultivate a community where animals are treated with respect, compassion and dignity to reduce the number of animals euthanized and abandoned.

Cawley Architects and Iconic Design Studio designed the organization’s 48,000-square-foot facility. Chasse Building Team built the structure while Foursite managed the construction. Every dog’s kennel is screened from nearby kennels to offer them space where they can enjoy a safe, distraction-free and safe environment. They overlook a play yard they can access through their kennel doors. One of the big outdoor play areas is in the shape of a giant bone and it has a real fire hydrant.

Maricopa County animal welfare centers are overburdened and many small, private, non-profit rescue organizations in the Valley do not have the ability to accommodate the demand for care. Heidi’s Village will incorporate and partner with nearly 100 of these smaller centers. It has boarding space for up to 250 dogs and 200 cats but the goal is to never house that many animals at the same time. Dogs and cats surrendered to Heidi’s Village will be ready for adoption as soon as they have undergone medical and behavioral clearances.

Volunteers are a key part of the operation of Heidi’s Village. Community members are encouraged to seek one of the many volunteer positions available. To learn more about Heidi’s Village, visit heidisvillage.org.



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