When he’s not helping to steer the Madison Elementary School District as president of its governing board, Scott Holcomb plays Santa Claus at community events.

Madison Elementary governing board president Scott Holcomb has been volunteering his “Santa” services at community events for more than 15 years (submitted photo).

Holcomb has been volunteering as Santa at schools, a camp and other venues for at least 15 years. A parent at one of the schools where he volunteers made the trademark red Santa suit for him, which he styles with boots, bell bracelets and a wide belt with an image of holly engraved on it. The white beard comes naturally to Holcomb, who already has one, and he also dons white gloves and Santa-style reading glasses.

He is adjusting the way he portrays the Jolly Old Saint Nicholas this season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Holcomb ordinarily visits every classroom at Madison Camelview Elementary School to deliver books to all students. This year to try to keep everyone safe, he will wave to children as they move through a drive-thru with their families outside of the school.

Holcomb will wear a mask and socially distance himself from others at all the events he attends this season. At another gathering he will sit on a decorated wooden bench to talk to older youths so they can keep at least 6 feet apart. Holcomb also plans to visit Prescott, to bring the magic of Santa to children at a camp there.

“It’s one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life,” he said. “You listen to people, get kids to smile. I enjoy bringing the joy to people but it brings me even more.”

If you would like to request Holcomb portray Santa at an event, you can reach him at santaholcomb2020@gmail.com.


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