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Socialize your puppy during pandemic

Four-legged friends serve as sources of comfort to people working from home during this Coronavirus pandemic but getting your puppy used to socializing can be difficult amid social distancing.

The Arizona Humane Society’s Pet Behavior Team said there are many new experiences you can provide your pets at home to help them become well-socialized, happy and healthy.

One idea is to pull out objects or appliances your pet has never seen before and praise and reward it with treats for investigating them. The Arizona Humane Society also recommends you place interesting materials on the floor to get your puppy used to walking on different surfaces. Cardboard, metal baking trays, wood and pillows are some items you could have your puppy walk on at home.

The pet behavior team also suggests you play dress up and wear different hats in front of your puppy. Another idea is to go “people watching” from your window, vehicle or front yard. Reward your puppy for looking at people, dogs, cars and other sights from a distance.

You can take In-Home Private Lessons from the Arizona Humane Society, as well as access Virtual Pet Training Lessons for help training your pet. To learn more, visit



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