A North Central woman is leading centers that advocate for public policy and research to advance inclusiveness for people who have autism and other neurodiversities.

The First Place Global Leadership Institute recently hired Maureen Casey to be its director of its centers for public policy and research. Casey has worked for 20 years in the disability community as a professional and family advocate. Previously she had served as the senior advisor to the director of the Arizona Department of Economic Security, as well as an assistant director and the Arizona Early Intervention Program administrator for that department. Casey also was a member of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System’s Autism Spectrum Disorder Advisory Committee’s Evidence-Based Treatment Work Group.

The First Place Global Leadership Institute, part of First Place AZ, focuses on critical concerns for accessibility to more community, housing and independent living choices for individuals who have autism and other neurodiversities. It acts as a multi-disciplinary, hands-on training center for educators, professionals, support staff members and medical personnel, as well as a thriving site for research and advancements in public policy.

Casey is leading the Global Leadership Institute’s Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation Center for Public Policy and Colonel Harland Sanders Center for Applied Research. She is focusing on existing programs and developing new ones to spark more supportive policies in the state and country.

To learn more, visit www.firstplaceaz.org.




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