If you are finding your drive to work or other destinations smoother, it could be because the city of Phoenix recently finished another record-breaking season of street paving.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not slow down street maintenance crews and contractors who finished the city’s busiest paving season ever recently, a city press release said. While these essential workers could not work from home, they encountered less traffic, making the pavement projects move along more quickly.

About 590 miles of Phoenix streets underwent pavement maintenance treatment last year, about 12 percent of the city’s whole street network. The city’s largest paving season was in 2019, in which it tripled the number of major street miles paved compared to the average number. Last year, Phoenix treated about 130 more miles of streets than it did in 2019.

The Accelerated Pavement Maintenance Program does more than just create smooth roads in the city. Bicyclists and walkers also will see upgrades. Street Transportation Department employees review each roadway for opportunities to boost safety and bicycle connectivity. More than 40 miles of new bicycle lanes were installed and about 30 miles of bicycle lanes were upgraded to add buffers in fiscal year 2020. More than 3,000 curb ramps were enhanced to meet the most current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards via the 2020 pavement maintenance program.

Last year the city of Phoenix introduced the Cool Pavement Pilot Program. Through this program, cool pavement was applied at nine spots around the city, covering 36 miles of residential streets in neighborhoods, as well as one parking lot at a city park. This lighter-in-color asphalt treatment reflects instead of retaining heat. The treatment has the potential of offsetting increasing nighttime temperatures in Phoenix.

To learn more, visit phoenix.gov/streets.