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Red Cross sees major blood shortage

The American Red Cross is still experiencing a major blood shortage that is causing issues with blood product availability in Arizona and around the country.

Blood and platelet donors are needed to help ensure hospitals are stocked with the blood products they need. Donors of all blood types, especially type O, are encouraged to make appointments to give blood.

The Red Cross has been working around the clock to offer blood products to hospitals responding to an unusually high number of traumas and emergency room visits, as well as overdoses and resulting transplants. Because of the blood shortage, some hospitals are being forced to slow the pace of providing elective surgeries until the blood supply stabilizes. Summer is traditionally a time when blood donations decrease and this year is especially challenging as many Americans receive their vaccinations for COVID-19 and resume summer activities. Many people are taking vacations but the need for blood does not take a break as patients still depend on life-saving transfusions.

To schedule an appointment to give blood, visit


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