Expect to see more green and signs that promote safe, secure neighborhoods in Sunnyslope, thanks to a partnership between theHUB (Hatcher Urban Businesses) and the city of Phoenix.

The city will donate dozens of trees from the city’s Central Station project, a Valley Metro site, at Central Avenue and Van Buren Street to be planted along Hatcher Road near businesses. Phoenix officials were still in the process of determining how many of those trees will fit along Hatcher Road, as of press time, said Phoenix Councilwoman Debra Stark. The number will depend on space available and the size of the trees, she said.

The businesses that want the trees will need to put irrigation in place, said Caroline Lobo, president of theHUB. Lobo said Stark, as well as the city’s Community and Economic Development team worked with theHUB to allow the tree project to move forward.

“The Hatcher Road Overlay (HRO), adopted in 2008, calls for an improved streetscape in an effort to make Hatcher Road more pedestrian and business friendly,” Stark said. “Not only will the trees improve the streetscape by promoting shaded walkability, they will also assist in the overall beautification of Hatcher Road thereby making it more attractive to residents, Hatcher road business owners, developers and investors.”

She said the goal is for the trees to be in the ground no later than the spring.

TheHUB received a $10,000 Neighborhood Block Watch Grant, which it will use to put up signs in the community that have the name theHUB on them. These signs also will say “No Trespassing,” indicate that violators will be prosecuted and say “Private Property.” Lobo said there are more than 150 businesses in theHUB along Hatcher Road between 19th Avenue and Cave Creek Road, and each one can obtain a sign.

“When you put up Block Watch signs, people know it’s under surveillance,” Lobo said. “We want to be partners in helping reduce crime.”

The Block Watch grants are administered by the Phoenix Police Department and the program offers a chance to enhance the quality of life and safety in the city of Phoenix via empowering community groups, according to the city Block Watch grant site.

Stark’s office and the city’s Community and Economic Development Department worked to have banners installed on street poles along Hatcher Road recently. There are about 10 of these banners along Hatcher Road from 19th Avenue to 7th Street, Stark said.

These banners are part of overall marketing efforts by the Community and Economic Development Department to attract more businesses and investment to the Hatcher Road area, she added.



  • Colleen Sparks

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