Sitting at a desk all day, driving in traffic and other everyday stressors can lead to having poor posture.

In honor of National Posture Month this month, Katie Mollica, co-founder of Anato-Me, a strength training gym at 3031 E. Indian School Road, is offering advice on maintaining good posture. Correct posture is vital to your overall health as it can enhance circulation, decrease back and shoulder pain, as well as boost energy levels, among other benefits. Mollica said the key to improving a body’s alignment is building strength through weightlifting and bodyweight exercises.

She emphasizes that the core is the foundation of posture and it is much more than just your abdominal muscles. Mollica said core is an umbrella term that encompasses hips, lower back and the abdominals. She said the top three exercises that help strengthen those muscles are planks, “dead bug” variations and anti-rotation band holds.

Besides core work, Mollica said an exercise that targets the “pulling” muscles of your body, which are primarily the back muscles, will help strengthen backs and improve posture by eliminating subconscious slouching.  You can try a rear delt fly, seated rows and band or cable face pulls to work on this area.

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