A new, modern solution for residents who want to share their goods and services online launched in the Valley in March.

Headquartered in Phoenix and co-founded by locals Maggie Fearnow and Tom Hutchison, Oana, a pay-it-forward marketplace, enables the purposeful sharing of goods and services within private groups and personal networks


Oana co-founders, Maggie Fearnow and Tom Hutchison, enjoy the fruits of the pay-it-forward marketplace (photo by Grace Stufkosky; courtesy of Oana).

The longtime friends say they were frustrated by the lack of options for sharing resources within known social groups, without interacting with strangers or getting involved in unpleasant exchanges on social media. Instead, Oana provides a high-tech platform that allows members to create custom groups where they can share, swap and sell personal services and preloved possessions safely within extended friend groups, by empowering members to choose exactly who sees each listing.

“Whether you’re giving your friend’s kid a baseball bat in exchange for them washing your windows, or you’re enabling someone who doesn’t currently have much money to purchase an item or service from you through their offering of a service, this feature of Oana teaches the value of hard work and reinforces that everyone has value regardless of their financial situation,” said Hutchison.

“Our vision was to create a platform that helps us all contribute as much as we consume,” added Fearnow. “We wanted to make it easy to share what we already have with others, both preloved possessions we no longer need, and our time and talents through acts of service. With Oana, it’s never been easier to be your best self.”

The app is available for download on Apple or Android devices. To learn more, visit www.oana.com.



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