Changes are coming to an Arcadia neighborhood favorite, Nook Kitchen.

Nook is adding a covered patio to the front/north side of the building, expanding seating capacity by nearly one-third — approximately 50 additional seats. A white rooftop covering already has been installed.

“We have always wanted a space to create a dining ‘al fresco’ experience, you could say, and also add more seating overall,” said founder and co-owner Frank Vairo.

“In the past, we could not get approval for a patio out front. Maybe the only benefit of COVID is that restrictions were lightened and the city allowed us to add the space, which will only make our business stronger and more approachable with an open-air patio. This allows us to serve more guests in an outdoor environment while maintaining safety protocols and adhering to CDC guidelines.”

The patio sits on the northeast side of the building directly in front of the existing wide sliding windows with a footprint that overtakes three parking stalls. Vairo describes the design vision for the patio as “chic, sexy, similar to what’s indoors.”

Design elements in the works for the of the still-under-construction patio include flooring, planters and misters. The restaurant remains open during construction.

The culinary program is led by Chef Arturo Garino, who continues to add to the dining spot’s classics with his own twist, as well as new dishes, such as a wider variety of vegan and vegetarian menu options.

Nook Kitchen is located at 4231 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix. For additional information, visit