As construction of the Northwest Extension Phase II project nears its end, Valley Metro will begin system testing to prepare for the opening of the light rail extension this fall.

The testing phase includes station vehicle clearance overhead electrification system, traffic signal coordination, switches that allow trains to move from track to track and overall operational readiness. As testing continues, trains will operate more frequently to test the service schedule and prepare operators.

Safety is critical during this vital phase of the project, and Valley Metro asks residents who travel in the area obey all traffic signals and message boards; stay off the tracks unless crossing at designated pedestrian crosswalks; and look for flashing headlights and listen for warning bells and horns.

The Northwest Extension Phase II project extends light rail west on Dunlap Avenue from 19th Avenue, then north on 25th Avenue and across I-17 at Mountain View Road, ending on the west side of the freeway near the former Metrocenter Mall. Opening day is expected to be early 2024.

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