If you’re traveling with your pet this summer and plan to fly to your destination, be familiar with the airline’s pet embargo policy before you book your flight. During the summer, many airlines don’t allow pets aboard flights as checked baggage or cargo when temperatures are high. Airline pet embargoes are in the best interest of ensuring the safety of your pet.

Not only is air travel stressful for your pet but it can also pose serious health risks. According to the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), embargoes protect pets from exposure to extreme heat while they’re in the holding areas and terminal facilities, while moving them between terminals and aircraft, or while they’re on an aircraft awaiting departure.

Since airlines impose embargoes to ensure your pet’s safety, there are no exceptions. However, if an embargo is in effect on the day of your flight, the airline will work with you to re-route your flight, if possible, or schedule your flight for another day.

Since each airline has a different summer pet embargo policy, visit TripsWithPets.com and review the Airline Pet Policies.


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