“Pizza Shop: The Movie,” the Arizona indie film by local filmmaker George O’Barts, recently became available at Stinkweeds, 10 W. Camelback Road, and Revolver Records, 918 N. 2nd St., at Roosevelt.

The movie also began its national DVD online distribution in October. It had a limited release theatrical run this past summer.

In addition, the film was recently reviewed by film critic Hal Astell and featured on “Apocalypse Later.” This review is a timely tool to assist people in understanding what the film is about and deciding if it is a good match for them before making the decision to purchase. The film received a “good” rating from Astell, which on his rating scale is 4 out of 7. The review can be viewed at www.apocalypselaterfilm.com/2013/11/pizza-shop-movie-2013.html.

O’Barts makes his home in Central Phoenix. His production credits include “Titan A.E.,” “The Kingdom,” “Comet Impact,” “Uncross the Stars,” “The Graves,” “Pizza Shop: The Movie,” and most recently, “Cowboy Zombies.”

For more information about “Pizza Shop: The Movie,” go to www.pizzashopthemovie.com, call 424-235-4211 or visit Facebook and Twitter at pizzashopthemovie.


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