Residents are invited to review and provide public comment on PlanPHX, the Draft General Plan Update 2015, which can be downloaded at The General Plan is the foundation on which development decisions are based. Public comments will be accepted until Dec. 13.

“PlanPHX is the result of sharing thousands of ideas and hopes from all aspects, walks and locations of our city,” said Morris A. Stein, chairman, PlanPHX Leadership Committee. “More than a code, we believe this becomes the strategic vision for managing growth and development.”

Under the leadership of the City Council, the Planning & Development Department (PDD) initiated the PlanPHX project in 2012 to collaborate with residents. As a result of public feedback from thousands of ideas submitted by residents at more than 100 meetings and from the project’s interactive website, the PlanPHX Leadership Committee and PDD staff developed a draft General Plan Update with a new vision and framework based on the vision of creating a more connected city.

Key components of the draft plan are Five Core Values that will provide the policy structure for growth and development in Phoenix. The Core Values are: Connect People and Places; Strengthen the Local Economy; Celebrate Our Diverse Communities and Neighborhoods; Build the Sustainable Desert City; and Create an Even More Vibrant Downtown.

Arizona state statutes require that this plan be updated and/or readopted every 10 years by a public vote. Phoenix last updated the city’s General Plan in 2002.

The Leadership Committee and PDD staff will present the plan to the Phoenix City Council in February 2015. The council will vote on the ballot language that will be included on the August 2015 ballot, when Phoenix voters will make the final decision.

Public comment on PlanPHX, the General Plan Update, can be submitted at


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